"We're a smutty species, up to no good!" ~ Russell Brand


Raves for  

*5/5 from Sweet N' Sassi - "Ms. Black pens "If Wishes Were Shadows" in an exciting plot that is fast paced and hot. Her characters were intense and interesting which made it hard to put the book down. A fast read that will get your blood boiling."

* 5/5 from Diary of a Book Addict - "If you like a crazy erotica then this is for you read on......~Team Adam all the way~"

* 5/5 from Proserpine Craving Books - "I took the book last night, when to bed and read it in one shot with crazy and interesting ideas in my mind, I had a great night :P I wish I could have more of this threesome! I will look forward for the next book in this series!"

* 4/5 from A Bibliophile's Thoughts on Books - "I was... left speechless. All I could really think while reading If Wishes Were Shadows was, Wow! ...But I thought that If Wishes Were Shadows was pretty interest (sic) and  I can't wait for more in this series!"

* 5/5 Stars from Lisa Raynes  @ Wanted: Vampire - "...if you like vampires and twisted erotica, you’ll like this."

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