"We're a smutty species, up to no good!" ~ Russell Brand

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Great news, Kinklings!

I signed a contract for my m/m paranormal romance novella, DIE FOR YOU, with MLR Press yesterday!

DIE FOR YOU is the story of human Detective Gage Roberts and his vampire partner Jensen Holm, who are cops in the dark monster ghetto of their city, known as Undertown, where creepy crawlies are everyday citizens, and their morals — or lack thereof — make it a dangerous place for anyone to be. During a battle with a particularly deadly pair of jewel thief, mass-murdering demons, things go terribly wrong. Jensen puts his not-so-immortal immortality on the line to save Gage’s life, and it becomes the turning point in a long-simmering passion that Gage has been repressing for a long time. Gruff Gage (not really his nickname, but probably should be) isn’t much for the mushy stuff, and there are no more different characters on the planet than he and Jensen (and not just because of their species) — but once he’s seen that he could lose his partner forever, will he just get over himself already and go for it?

I'm thrilled to have found a home for Gage and Jensen. I love these characters and their story, and I think the Undertown world presents a great place for future stories, both for action, smut, romance, and the paranormal.

Stay tuned for more details as they develop, but for the time being, DIE FOR YOU is tentatively scheduled for March! 


  1. I love the plan for your story. Oh and the monster in the alley is someone they know that was bitten or tested on....nay. You come up the story, I'll just read it and enjoy it!!!

  2. Hee. I love that idea -- there will be plenty of other stories with lots of alleys (it seems Undertown is pretty much ALL alleys!) but this one is already written. We're just editing. ;)

    Thank you so much for your support -- I appreciate it!